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This site is dedicated to helping people that are looking for answers, suggestions, tips, ideas, and general knowledge regarding the transformation from male to female. My name is Ana Mancini and I felt compelled to publish this website and share my life and experiences because I have been very blessed. It is my hope to make your transformation journey easier, more understandable and I want to offer a helping hand. It is very important during this transformation to have someone there in your corner that has experienced the same things you are going through.

transgender beautytransgender beautytransgender beautytransgender beauty

Fear is the worst emotion.  Please don’t let it stop you from achieving your dream.  I am here, by your side, to let you know that there are truly some people out there that care about your future and life.

I know that I make it sound easy and that is only because I really didn’t care about others opinions.  I care about mine first and foremost.  After all, I have to live with myself until the day I die.  Relationships come and go but I am stuck with myself so I might as well love myself.

You need to love yourself and if you are unhappy, start changing that from the roots of your unhappiness.  If you are reading this then it’s a pretty good guess that you have questioned your sexuality or are just plain afraid of the future. Don’t be, let’s band together, make it easy for each other, and get along already.  Let’s make it easier for all of us.

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This is the place to get the answers you are craving. I know you have many questions, from where to start to where to get the best products to bring out all of your beauty. You will not only get my advice and opinions but I am counting on others to share their voice in our forum. Also, be on the lookout for interviews with different girls around the world. You need to bookmark this page and come back often and make sure you sign up for the forum.

I will be making recommendations for the best doctors, health and beauty products, dating advice, entertainment and much, much more. Remember that this website is about you, not me, this is our community to finally pull together and make the transition easier for all.

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This forum is a very important part of this website. This is your chance to share your experiences with others. You also have the opportunity to ask questions of other girls in transition that have different points of view. As you know, I share my point of view with you throughout this site but my opinions are not always right for everyone. Everyone has their own unique experiences and opinions and we all want to express our ideas.

Please do not abuse the forum. It is not for advertising! This is a chance for us all to pull our community closer together.

Have fun with my Transgender Forum!

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