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Thread: Surgery in Mexico?

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    Surgery in Mexico?

    Hi everyone has anyone had any work done by Dr Cardenas or Dr Sony in Mexico? I am thinking about breast implants and the rib surgery and would love any advice. Is Mexico even safe to visit?

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    I know of some girls who go to surgery in Mexico. There's great doctors, okay doctors, and horrible ones. I know a couple of girls who went down to Mexico to get a doctor inject them with medical grade silicone in a hospital rather than on someone's living room table. The work to me looks good. Be careful with rib surgery though, I hear it's very painful. That's one place I would also not want to get an infection, the ribcage holds a lot of your vital organs.

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    i think if you go to the right doctor in mexico, you should be fine. i would stay away from tijuana. i think there are too many scam artists there. for the breast implants, i have done a lot of research on him. i talked to someone who had her breasts done by him and she is very satisfied. also, apparently he does ffs work too. http://www.rejuvenateinmexico.com/Dr..._Cardenas.html is his web site. he has really good packages and whats included inside them is a week stay at his town house! i am going to him for breast augmentation and trachea shave. http://www.juliadee.net/. you can go to her web site and ask her about her ffs. as for the rib surgery, i know of two famous transwomen that have done it. amanda lepore and nina arsenault have done it. i think both have had their lower ribs crushed and pushed in. amanda said that this procedure was very expensive. i would avoid going outside of the us for this that way if something bad happens, you can sue the hell out of the doctor lol. dr stone in los angeles california does rib removal. http://www.aaronstonemd.com/RibRemoval.shtm. hope this works.
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