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Thread: Does Having an Orchiectomy Before Vagioplasty Affect Potential Size of Your Vagina?

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    Exclamation Does Having an Orchiectomy Before Vagioplasty Affect Potential Size of Your Vagina?

    I have been on an HRT regimen for 2 years, now, so I need to consider having an orchiectomy since the cost of having a full vagioplasty/labioplasty may be a bit much for my current resources. The following question is heavily debated back-and-forth on many sites of the Internet so I need a definitive answer.

    If I have an orchiectomy now, will it affect the size/depth of my vagina once I finally have full Gender Confirmation Surgery?

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    It most certainly will, Cami, since it is all that loose, icky, dangely skin of the scrotum that they use to fashion the vagina, particularly regarding the depth of the vagina.

    I have heard of girls getting an orchi first, then having SRS, and they weren't able to get much depth, unless you had the surgeon leave a lot of that loose tissue skin. So that would be something you would gave to decide on. If you knew for sure that you were going through with the SRS, then you could do it that way.

    I however, at my damn age and sexual preference, figured I would never have a use for the vagi-gi, so I had my PS take as much skin off that he could, which worked out really good for me. (I can wear a bikini with no obvious bulge showing!)

    Hope this helps.

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    Shooooot, Gwenda! I guess I'm just gonna bite the frakking bullet, borrow the rest of the money I need for GCS, and incur debt for the next few years. My life just isn't going to really BE until I do. . . .

    BTW, you're pic's pretty hot, Gwen. . . . lol

    your* You're distracting me.

    *sighs* Does anyone have suggestions for me in covering the economic costs of having my Gender Confirmation Surgery done?

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    I am also in a financial bind, i.e. unemployed. I have had consultations on breast augmentation and FFS, both outta my reach. However, there is a company that will loan monies for medical procedures: CareCredit. go to www.carecredit.com If I was employed, had an income, I would go this route.

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