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Thread: New Tv series 'My Transsexual wedding'

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    New Tv series 'My Transsexual wedding'


    My name is Ian Parton. I work for a UK based TV production company called Electric Sky.

    I am posting to ask if you may be able to help with a programme idea I am developing for UK and US television.

    Last year UK TV aired a great series called ‘My Transsexual Summer’ which was met with a warm reception from viewers, the transsexual community and those who contributed to the series. Our series ‘My Transsexual Wedding’ would aim to continue the respectful and un-sensationalist tone of ‘My Transsexual Summer’ but focus on couples – one of whom is transgender – who are planning to marry.

    The programme would offer a portrait of the day to day challenges the couple experiences, the perception of their forthcoming marriage by the outside world and it would tell their life stories. The arrangements of the wedding and the day itself would offer a nice framework around which to tell these stories. Ultimately the series is celebratory as, well, marriages are a time of celebration.

    I appreciate the transgender community often are, quite rightfully, suspicious of their representation in the media but I believe this series would have a positive effect.

    I am posting to ask if anyone is planning to marry from the UK or US and would be interested in discussing the programme further.

    This would be a no pressure conversation. Our executive producer here has a great track record in making thoughtful programming on sensitive subject matters.

    We already have approval from 4 couples who will be marrying in the future and if the programme gets made aim to work closely with Trans media Watch http://www.transmediawatch.org/ to get its tone just right.

    If you would like to contact me my email is ian.parton@electricsky.com

    I greatly appreciate your time.

    Ian Parton
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    This reply I'm posting for Ian as well as all here. Transgendered individuals have a negative perception by many cultures throughout the world. The more exposure the community gets, the greater the awareness and fighting for equality in the world we live in today. If you are interested in a world that will one day be safe in all ways for trans-people and possibly even greater research into more successful transition techniques, it can never be a negative thing to encourage such commercial exposures.

    To Ian I say, it may be more significant to change that to My Transexual Marriage and focus on how transitions effect already cemented relationships as well as new ones. Sorry for my late response but I've been on a long break from these forums.

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