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This site is dedicated to helping people that are looking for answers, suggestions, tips, ideas, and general knowledge regarding the transformation from male to female. My name is Ana Mancini and I felt compelled to publish this website and share my life and experiences because I have been very blessed. It is my hope to make your transformation journey easier, more understandable and I want to offer a helping hand. It is very important during this transformation to have someone there in your corner that has experienced the same things you are going through.

transgender beautytransgender beautytransgender beautytransgender beauty
about me

A lot of people ask me how I started my transformation. Today I will expose it all so sit back and get ready.

As you may know, I am from a small town in Argentina. Since about eight years old I always knew I wanted to be a woman. I wore my mom's clothes and put on makeup. I was always very feminine. I use to cut out woman models pictures and put my face on it dreaming to have one of those beautiful bodies. When I hit puberty, I started thinking more and more that I wanted to be a woman. By this time I started thinking about it 24/7 and just couldn't get it out of my mind.

Watching TV I noticed that Miami seemed very 'gay' friendly. On top of that, it seemed most people in Miami spoke Spanish (I couldn't speak any English at that time) so I thought I could fit in. So I told my family that I was leaving on vacation to Miami for two weeks. When I arrived in Miami I realized that this was the perfect place for me. I truly love my family but I came to realize that all the thoughts in my mind (transforming) could become a reality here in Miami. It was a very hard decision; it meant I would have to be away from my family for quite some time. My family was a little surprised because they never knew that I wanted to be a transsexual. It was tough on them but they love me and came to accept it. That is the key to my happiness, unlike many transsexuals, I have always had the support of my entire family and they are always behind me to this day.

My first night on the town I went to a gay club here in Miami and I remember seeing so many beautiful transsexuals I was in awe. There were specifically two that I remember well. One of them was named Bianca. When I saw her I was fascinated with her, she was very beautiful. I was a young teenage boy and I approached her and told her that I wanted to be like her. She took me under her wing (grateful to this day) and taught me all the in's and out's and was protective. She taught me about hormones, doctors, procedures, etc.

I started my hormone treatment immediately after speaking with Bianca. After three months in this country, I had my breast augmentation (only went to a 34B at that time, later BAMB!). I never had any doubts as to what I wanted. I was so sure that my transformation was very quick. I knew that I wanted to be a beautiful transsexual (for anybody that wants to be a beautiful transsexual everything is possible but you must be sure and then take massive and quick action)...

I was fortunate enough to meet very good people, guys and transsexuals, that always lent a helping hand. After a year, my mom and sister came to see me here and I was so happy. My mom was very proud of me and in shock as to how beautiful I was. After that, my dad and other members of my family came to see me all with open arms. After I finished my goals, all my transformations, I eventually went back to my home town in Argentina. I was very, very nervous. I am from a very small town and everybody knows me and my family. My family already told everybody that I was changing but that didn't stop my nerves from rattling. At the same time, I was very excited to see all my old friends from school, neighbors, and all the people.

So I arrived and it was unbelievable. Everybody welcomed me and accepted me for the new me. Guys were looking at me with different eyes...LOL. I cannot describe with words what a great experience it was. Coming back to my hometown the way I looked. I left looking for the new me and here I was back and I had fulfilled my dreams. I was a beautiful woman, the one I always dreamed of being and I was strong inside and out and proud of myself. To this day I still have contact with all the kind people in my hometown. They are the greatest people on this planet. Here in America you have an image of a small town and how they would respond to transsexuals (not favorably). But my hometown was completely different. Not one person shunned me. Not one person ridiculed me. It was as if I were a girl my entire life. I love and respect my neighbors and feel blessed.

I returned to the US, I have decided that this is home. I will return to Argentina often because, of course, that is home and my family and friends are there. However, my new home is here. Not sure if I will stay in Miami, you just never know, but I am comfortable here and I am meeting a lot of wonderful kind people here as well. Just as leaving Argentina was tough, leaving the US would be very hard as well.

So that was the start. As this site progresses I will add my travel experiences, stories about people I have met, people that I met that had an impact on my life.

I was lucky to have guidance and friends to point me in the right direction and I want to do that for you as well. Understand that all content on this site comes from my own experience and personal knowledge and is my opinions only. I am in a very good place in my life. I am very happy with myself and when you find that inner peace you want to help others as well. I have made this website with a lot of love, respect and honesty.

I am talking from my heart and truly want your transformation to go as smooth and comfortable as possible. I have also included a forum to enable you to reach out and share your personal experiences with one another. I will be monitoring the forum to make sure the content is appropriate. To have access to this site, you need to register first. Once registered you will have access to all sections of this site including, but not limited to, doctor recommendations, before and after pictures of myself, tips, advice, the forum and much more. Please, enjoy this site and participate as much as possible. I also offer one-on-one coaching (spiritually and physically) for those of you that want personal guidance.


This forum is a very important part of this website. This is your chance to share your experiences with others. You also have the opportunity to ask questions of other girls in transition that have different points of view. As you know, I share my point of view with you throughout this site but my opinions are not always right for everyone. Everyone has their own unique experiences and opinions and we all want to express our ideas.

Please do not abuse the forum. It is not for advertising! This is a chance for us all to pull our community closer together.

Have fun with my transgender forum!

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